woodland interior moss

Woodland Frost and Interior Moss

We’re past the Winter Solstice now and almost at the end of the year. The days are getting longer (not that you would notice it much yet) but the frost is still here and the ground underfoot is crisp. The warming blanket of moss is also still there and green in the sheltered interior of the forest at least.

frosty footpath

Earlier this year I explored an old disused and overgrown path through the middle of the woods – it connects two other paths with which I am already familiar. After battling my way through the brambles at the beginning, I found the woods opening out somewhat and while I still had to untangle myself from the surrounding thorns, I also found there was an enhanced sense of peace in the place. This may simply have been the result of moss laden tree stumps and the soft green forest floor along with the lack of wind, but whatever the reason, it felt good.

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