Herded by Cows and a Squall

At the start of my walk this week I mentioned my caution regarding cows and how I cut off across the top of the hill to avoid them. But they were having none of that and following a sudden squall of hailstones I was persuaded yet again to take an alternative route back down the hill.


The fast changing weather provided me with a range of lighting effects and I found myself blinded by the light one moment and then wowed by the hailing clouds over Swansea Bay the next. It was still very cold and although this wasn’t a long walk, I was happy enough to descend the hill again and keep the location in mind for another time.

The soundscape below gives a good description of both the conditions overhead and under foot and if there had been a good blanket of snow I would definitely have felt, at the end of the walk, that I was in Narnia as the last of the photos below will illustrate.

Mynydd Gelli Soundscape

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    • Thanks Chris. I’ve never used watercolours, not in the traditional way anyway, and certainly not plain air – though I do draw outside. The cows were quite curious and I expect it would have been ok if I had walk past them with confidence. Then again, a confident approach may have been perceived as threatening so it’s probably best that I steered clear (no pun intended).

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