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My Walk this Week – Travelling in Time

My walk this week is a little bit abstract in walking terms. There was some actual walking involved but I will get to that later in the week. Today I want to walk back in time first of all to 1915 and then 1942 and 1963.

by Alastair Duncan 1942

by Alastair Duncan 1942

In York recently I added a few items to my growing archive of images of my family. My intention is to digitise them over time but there is a huge collection going back many years.

Below are two photos of my Grandfather (known as Tiger) – one from each end of his life. It can be seen that in 1915 he was a soldier and in 1963 he was an artist. The next photo is of my namesake, Alastair, who died of septicaemia in 1942 – from the art and design work he had done that year at school, it can be seen that there was the potential for him also to go into the arts.

An finally another reference to travelling in time – a list of all the cars my father has had from the first to the last.

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  1. What a fascinating document the car numbers are. I love the flower show poster, he had great potential. My Dad it transpired when I had to clear his house was a great hoarder. Receipts for everything from a house he bought and building works, to my school uniform and first bike. . Silly bits of nonsense penned by Mum to him when they were courting anf first married.

  2. Wonderful to see your ancestral photos and mementoes, Alastair. And I found your father’s list of cars especially fascinating. He bought and sold them quite frequently, he must’ve been someone who loved cars. How great for you to have this list and all the other stuff too.

    • Thank you Jet. These were all surprises found in a box with other more humdrum stuff. I can remember all my own cars and the registration number for my first but none of those in between. One of the interesting things about the list is that it was clearly started way back when he got the first one – that is judging by the condition and type of paper it’s written on.

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