Old Buddleia flower

A Space Between – Edgelands of Industry and Nature

My walk this week has been through a space between, a space on the edge of both nature and industry – and nature, of course, wins every time and in so many ways.

return route

Looking at the evidence of man is perhaps not the best way to finish my posts on this walk but there are other elements to the landscape apart from the old tyres and wires. The profusion of old Buddleia bushes will soon bring hundreds of butterflies to this place so close to and yet devoid of man. The growth of all the plants through this Spring time (and many more to come) will ignore our abandoned detritus and get on with reclaiming their natural place – that is not to say that the local animals will not be affected by it.

The aural landscape here also has a huge amount to offer and is as much responsible for the calming effect I needed on this walk as the textures, colours and patterns in the nature around me. The soundscape below includes a faint backdrop of turning wind turbines but mostly the it is the birds that can be heard. And so I returned along the twisting footpath, through the abandoned woods and past the industrial pipe land and felt very much better than I did when I started out.

Newport Edgelands Soundscape

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  1. I was particularly arrested by the image of the reverse-S path — it’s always intriguing to imagine what might be around the next corner.

  2. As always, I so enjoyed this walk today, Alastair, thank you. I was glad for your narrative, for it is hopeful and warm, and I can imagine what beauty the Buddleias bring in their blossoms and the butterflies. We have buddleias here in Calif. and they are such a glory, attracting birds, bees, and butterflies. The recording was especially delightful with so many spring bird songs, twitters and trills that my American birding ears have no familiarity with. Even with tires and industry, you made this a beautiful walk, thank you.

    • Thanks Jet I’m glad you enjoyed it. We must not let the spoils of industry spoil either the land or the experience of walking in it. There is still so much to enjoy about it. Happy birding

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