Red water grasses

Fluffy, Furry and Fuzzy – New Edgeland Growth

The edgeland of Newport which I was exploring on my walk this week were partly coloured by industry, but Spring knows no bounds and prompts all plant life to new growth at this time of year.

Spring growth?

And so, looking away from some of the other aspects of this liminal industrial space, I took a closer look at some of the different wasteland plants that were coming to life around me. The buds and seed heads were fluffy, furry and fuzzy as they set out for the sun against the red earth and water of the ponds in this abandoned area of the Newport Levels.

I never did get to the official Newport Wetlands but was very happy to see this less cared for environment where there was plenty of evidence of man but no man to be seen.

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  1. So many interesting and textured plants here today, Alastair, and so beautiful. I always find pussy willows in the spring so curiously soft and beautiful, and the seedheads of the grasses are also a textural delight. That one that is a fluff, third from the end, is just another example of how variable and creative nature can be. Thanks for the reminder, too, of learning to look closely in places where the distant view is not always to our liking.

    • Thanks Jet. I was a bit doubtful of what I would find on this walk but was so much in need of it the local industry did not put me off. And it turned out to be very enjoyable and so worthwhile. That was more down to the sound of the birds than anything else I think.

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