A Lattice of Branches

As I wandered along the twisting footpath behind York University on my walk this week the sun slipped lower and provided a wonderful yellow as the backdrop to a lattice of branches in the trees lining the path. There were many other busily patterned views on my walk around the campus lake with the hanging branches of weeping willows creating natural veils against the water or the network of fine limbs and twigs od silver birch against the fading sky.

sunset and tree silhouettes

The light was less dramatic in the shaded area of the lakeside but made the scene no less interesting and enjoyable. I hope the students appreciate how lucky they are to be working in such an environment. The fourth image in this gallery can also bee seen in monochrome on Leanne Cole’s Photography blog post MM 3-38

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    • That’s interesting Cindy, thank you. I wanted to cut down on my posts a bit but felt it was very important to keep the review of the walk with a soundscape at the end of the week because it helps so much to give context and progression. I restrict myself to 15 shots for that which inevitably means some have to be left out but that footpath shot was fundamental to the perception of the walk environment. I’m very pleased you enjoyed it

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