My Walk this Week – Late Afternoon, York University

While away over New Year I enjoyed an exploratory walk around York University campus. This isn’t the campus! I set out rather later in the afternoon than I had realised and it was only seeing how low the sun was in the sky as I walked towards the university that I realised the time.

The low light levels didn’t help my photography but there would be no point in presenting bright shots of a walk in dim light.

Late afternoon sunlight

As I approached the rear of the campus I had to cross a field from which the footpath went through a strange restrictive metal passage – I’ve never seen a design like it before! Once on the footpath that twisted around the back of the campus buildings I discovered that the university has an observatory – a well protected one with audio as well as visual instruments.

NB I am going to be reducing the number of posts per week to 4 – Monday, Wednesday, Friday with a selection of the week’s images plus a soundscape on either Saturday or Sunday.

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