A Little Splash of Pink

It may be a common wild flower, but that doesn’t make it any less pretty – another photo from the Pembrey Country park “Floral Walk” in Carmarthenshire, Wales.

Pembrey Wild Flowers

Pembrey Wild Flowers

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      • Every year the Green Man brings new treasures to my back garden and I also seed-bomb the city with the reservoir of seeds they supplies. . . I have two patches in my back garden that have been overtaken by wildflowers. . . and the honey bees are coming back this year after a long hiatus.

          • I don’t get out much in to the countryside. . . but I live on the verge of Birmingham and the countryside (a green-belt area). . . 1920s suburbia with large back gardens. . . methinks the birds and the wind bring in the wild flowers from the countryside. . . I have wild blackberries and a wild cherry tree bearing fruit. . .

          • Sounds nice. There is a push in Swansea at the moment for more biodiversity which perhaps also saves money on cutting grass. The result is mostly very popular.

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