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A Perspective on Walls

Continuing on my walk this week along Swansea beach the promenade wall and sea defence is made of concrete. To some this may not be the most exciting of materials to look at but interesting things have often been done with in in architecture.

Swansea Bay cyclists

Swansea sea wall has sections that are embossed with selected maritime words but the words I have focussed on in these images have been scratched into the surface which seems to me more in keeping with the materials (as with the embossed words) than the more normal painted graffiti. Some of those scratched words follow on from my previous post showing the heart of shells on the beach while others declare that “THE END IS NYE”!

Other walls in the area, namely the multi-storey car parks in the marina, are decorated(?) with a diagonal metal grill which when viewed from straight on is quite dull. Taking a different viewpoint, or perspective, the pattern becomes more interesting and by playing around with the camera and depth of field a different more interesting appearance can be found. Sometimes I think the camera helps me see!

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