Abstract in Nature – Is there a face in there?

I am currently working on the post-production for a StillWalks video in Cwmdonkin Park in Swansea. It is a while since I was able to look at the photos and I was surprised to come across the image below. It is not one that I am likely to use in the video but I love the abstract nature of this tree bark.

The colour and texture make it a painting for me, one which makes me feel a little uneasy! Is that a face in there? Can you see it?

tree bark

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  1. hmmm, is the face in the left corner as you look at it? I can see its lips very clear… tho the face doesn’t belong to a human..or has a mask on it. Am I losing it? 🙂

    • Thanks for hunting for it. The face that I see is quite large in the image – central in the top two thirds, well camouflaged and perhaps not the most friendly of faces. It makes me think a bit of the “bog people” where bodies have been preserved for millennia but this one is definitely part of the tree!

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