ducks enjoying the rain

And The Rain Began to Fall

Near the end of my walk this week we approached the double walled kitchen garden of the National Botanic Garden of Wales and as we walked through it towards the hothouse and the butterflies, the rain began to fall. Not too heavy at first so I was able to get a couple more photos before going inside, but while we enjoyed looking at the few large butterflies fluttering around at this time of year, the rain really started coming down and the noise of stair rods hitting the glass roof was noticeable to say the least.

the rain came down

So we took more time in the hothouse than perhaps we might have done but our wait for the rain to subside was futile and we eventually put up our hoods and ventured out towards the entrance and car park. The ducks seemed happy enough!

The sound clip below does not relate to this and I realise in writing this that my habit of posting a soundscape at the end of the week has a flaw. If I only have a sound clip rather than an edited soundscape, then the sound will only be from one particular part of my walk and give no sense of progression or change of environment or conditions. So the clip below should have been posted at the beginning of the week when we were inside the Great Glass House (so I have posted it there now as well as below). It was busy with people and birds all enjoying Mothers Day – mothers perhaps because it was Mothers day and a visit to the NBGW on what was a nice day at the time included a craft fair and the birds because their were plenty of crumbs to be had around the cafe area.

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  1. I enjoyed the exotics inside the glass house, Alastair, and all your photos were a great treat. I especially liked seeing the rainy day outside. And I listened with great joy to your sound recording, enjoyed the constant bird chatter, quiet voices, and babies. My ears perked up to hear the accents, always great fun. I also hunted around for the sound recording of the rain on the glass roof, went to the link and other posts too, but did not find it. I might have been mistaken, or been in the wrong place. But oh what fun I have had visiting the Botanic Garden of Wales with you this morning, thanks so very much.

    • Thanks again Jet – I’m glad you enjoyed the post but sorry I didn’t’ record the sound of the rain in the hothouse. I had my camera with me but not my recorder and so was reliant on my iPhone. If you would like to here what it was like then I have a recording on Soundcloud which is very similar – enjoy 🙂

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