Running Away (from a dark day?)

As we came out of the Great Glass House at the National Botanic Garden of Wales on my walk this week, I looked at the impending weather and took a couple of shots. I had noticed the family in the middle ground but only realised the symmetry of the children running away from each other as part of a game after I had taken the photo.

Running Away

Those dark clouds did catch up with us but not at this point in our walk when I was still interested in the growth and patterns around me. I particularly like the “paper” textures and “literature” patterns of the silver birch tree bark. I say “literature” because they remind me of language, lines of writing and communication by code.

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    • Ah! I wasn’t completely unfamiliar with the word but had to look it up. You could be right – ogham may be the key. I will look into it further. Diolch yn fawr

      • Oh the Runes and the Ogham. Words that season the countryside with such historical things and of course graffiti, as seen in Maeshowe Orkney written anciently via some charming Viking who graciously inscribed “Thorni f*cked. Helgi”

        • Some things never change but Maeshowe is fascinating all the same, if only for the graffiti alone! I suspect the “writing” on my trees is more polite and less egotistical, but who knows?

  1. Such a lovely post, Alastair. That first photo with the looming storm clouds and symmetrical running girls and stairway is an art piece. How wonderful that you just happened to catch the girls playing a game, and caught them in action. I loved your term “literature” for the birch bark; and your terms dashed, striped, and barred. Clever and whimsical interpretation that I will not forget. I think birch trees are one of the most elegant trees we have on earth, fun to see them here in their literature glory. Loved the big patch of daffodils, too, “ready to go.”

    • Thanks very much Jet. I agree with you about the birch. It’s not just the “writing” patterns of course, it’s the paper like bark it’s “written” on too. And thinking of literature, when’s your next book coming out? Is it in the pipeline so to speak?

      • Thanks so much for asking, Alastair. I’m happy just to get the question. Unfortunately since the firestorm, I spend my time data-entering lost “inventory,” and working with insurance adjustors and repair providers. I’m not living back at home yet, so my “office” is a card table in a temporary apt. I hope to have my life back and resume fiction writing in 3-6 mos. but until then I work hard on just getting my home back; and WP post 1x/week. It’s abysmal. But not permanent. Your interest is appreciated.

        • I’m very sorry about the loss of your home like that Jet. Time seems to pass so quickly here but it must be really dragging out for you in those circumstances. Hopefully you can get all back together successfully. Good luck.

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