dark day at the beach

Beachscapes, Space and Light

One of the best things about a big beach or bay is the sense of space and the quality of light to be found.

The south west coast of Scotland has been popular with artists for many years and Kirkcudbright is known as the artists’ town with a number of important and influential artists having lived and worked there in the past. 

The light is not always bright of course, but the scope of the sky over the expanse of Wigtown Bay means that whatever the weather the quality of light has its influence over a wide area. So without showing a bright blue sky here, I hope you can enjoy the light and subtle colours of this beach space as much as I do.

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  1. You really captured the glorious expanse of the sea, here, Alastair. Wonderful photos, gorgeous beach. I like seeing all the elements of this beach, from the buoys, and sand, to the rocks and grass. I guess the buoys are there to prevent boats from coming in too close?

    • Thanks very much Jet – you are very kind. The buoys mark different areas in the beach for motor boats, wind surfers and swimming. It’s a popular beach in the area for all three activities when the weather is good.

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