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Still reporting back after our holiday in south west Scotland, my photos this week from my walks there focus initially on some of the wildlife to be seen if your lucky enough.

Young Roe Deer

June was a month where the young were getting adventurous and exploring away from their parents. This young roe deer came down to the beach in front of us wandered around in curiosity for a while before obviously hearing the call of its mother and bolting off to find her again.The young hare or leveret was also on its own but clearly enjoying the garden grass before it was cut. Then there was the tiny little fledgling that was not really ready to fledge and was lucky not to get squished underfoot or tyre on the track – I think the parents found and managed to rescue it.

A patrol of gulls arrived in the bay seemingly with the specific purpose of enjoying the wind – the way they keeled and dived to be lifted again by the wind where they simply floated, enjoying the ride above the bay. It was heart lifting to watch they obvious enjoyment of the experience.

There are many, many birds to be seen and heard here but although I saw and heard curlews and oystercatchers (some of my favourites), I didn’t get the chance to photograph them. However, the crows were there as usual and they too are wonderful birds and we also had a visit from a heron. But not all the animal life was wild and I love the photo of the pug(ish) dog on the beach whose image I caught as he came towards me curious about what I was up to with my camera.

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    • Thanks Amy. I think timing is everything with these creatures and all the others we saw such as voles and shrews. Early June was obviously a good time to stay there and a time of year we do not normally have available for a holiday. We were very lucky

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