Beauty and the Beast

Thistle and bee

It could be said that the image above, taken on my return from the salt marsh to the park on this my sixth and final walk from the past, depicts a beauty and a beast. However, while the beauty the post title refers to could be said to be the thistle or any of the natural environment of this walk, the reference to the beast is more about the rusty old skip that was sitting in a corner of the park. Placed there in preparation for the summer carnival that would take place at the end of June, it may not have been in keeping with the flora and fauna surrounding it, but at the same time I was very happy to look at and photograph the patterns of rusty metal and peeling paint that it presented.

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  1. I enjoyed your scope of beauty, Alastair, from the natural beauty to the patterns of nature in the rusty and weathering old skip. I find the thistle and bee especially soothing.

    • They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder so I guess it’s what takes my fancy from moment to moment in my surroundings. I think a rusty skip is more attractive(?) / interesting, certainly preferable to litter lying around. Glad you like it

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