Park and Marshes, Past Walks 6 – Reviewing the walk

Trees in the park

Back in the park again at the end of my walk from June 2010 to our local salt marshes and at the other end of the park to the oak woods. The park has two playing fields as well as a rugby ground next to it – these plus the oak woods, a playground,  a small lake, cycle track, tennis courts, bowling green and more make it a substantial community resource for enjoyment, health and wellbeing. It is managed by the Friends of Coedbach along with the Parks Department and it is wonderful to see how well they have developed it and maintain it – a great place for everyone.

The soundscape below will give you a small taster of the birdlife both in the park and down on the marshes – click the play button and then look through the selected images at the same time.

Park and Marshes Soundscape

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  2. Thank you for this walk in the park, Alastair. I enjoyed the photos and sounds very much, and today I learned what a fast walker you are. Lovely post.

    • My pleasure Jet. Thank you. My walking pace would be slower if recording for a StillWalks video but I enjoy a smart pace as well as a stroll

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