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Bishopston Valley Details and No Rain

This walk for the “Our Gower” project extends beyond Bishopston Valley to the beach at Pwll Du, but I thought I would present some of the details of the valley which, with the dry weather of the second project day in the valley, allowed us to explore and photograph more easily.

Fungi community

We also recorded some of the sounds of the thickly wooded valley and made notes about the atmosphere of the place – how it made us feel, what its colours and textures were like and something of the history and geography of the environment. For instance, Guzzle Hole was greatly enjoyed and we learned that it is an access point to Bishopston Pill which disappears underground up near the head of the valley and reappears further down, closer to Pwll Du beach.

The aural experience was distinctly different on this walk. The mud was still thick, wet and sticky (as can be heard at the start of the soundscape below) and the sounds of the river flowing through Guzzle Hole were more noticeable, even though the water level was lower.

Bishopston Valley Soundscape 2

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