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My Walk this Week – Our Gower Project Walk 2, Bishopston Valley

The second of the schools I walked with on the Our Gower project had no more luck with the weather than when we walked out on the marshes (see last weeks posts) – if anything, it was worse!

Bishopston Valley

Bishopston Valley on South Gower is home to some wonderful ancient woodland . . . and when it is wet, it is also home to a great deal of mud. Despite the wet conditions (or perhaps because of them) everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. As well as Wellington boots, everyone had been given a wooden staff (Ash) to help them along the way – these were invaluable and made us all feel like Gandalf.

The valley has what one person described as a mysterious feel to it, and with the trees surrounding us on all sides, the boulders underfoot and thick moss almost everywhere to be seen, the effect was magical. This was fully felt when I managed to get the group to stand quietly and listen for a couple of minutes.

The short soundscape below proves the wet weather we had on this first outing in the valley. Guzzle hole, through which Bishopston Pill flows, was full to the entrance but we were still able to record the different quality of sound to be heard in there and compare it to the woodland.

Bishopston Valley Soundscape 1

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