Carrick Shore – Reviewing the Walk

Scottish sunset

Reviewing my fifth of six walks from the past looks back to 2009 and photographs I took on my old Fuji compact camera and the sounds I recorded at the time. The sunset above is a classic of the place and is the view from the place we stay at different times each year. It is the most peaceful, quiet, environmentally friendly place you could want, but also one that, due to nature and the elements, can provide spectacular drama as well – it is “High Tide”.

The soundscape below presents a tiny snippet of the bird life and sea sounds that can be enjoyed here and although it is a long journey for us to get there, it is always worth the effort. Click the play button for 2 or 3 minutes of sound while you look through the selected images from this walk from 2009.

Carrick Shore Soundscape

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  1. Beautiful soundscape. It goes particularly well with the hot summer evening when I’m listening. For an instant, closing my eyes, I could pretend to be at the seaside and not in a city.

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