Dark Skies and Sunsets

Dark sky

The photographs in my posts for my walk this week from the past (2009) were taken on my old Fuji compact camera – they are not monochrome as such but the camera has a “chrome” setting on it which in the high contrast light conditions that these photos were taken, gave a quite interesting and dramatic effect. The light and weather conditions in the south west area of Scotland can be very dramatic and are a constant pleasure to watch and irresistible when it come to photography.

The sunsets are also something never to tire of and however frequent they may be, they are always different and every time leave you in awe and wonder at the beauty of the natural world.

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    • Thanks very much Aidy. It is always a great place for a holiday and if the weather isn’t perfect all of the time, the wild weather is just as entertaining. Actually, the dull misty weather is too!

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