Cascade Construction

Nearing The Waterside on my walk this week I have arrived at the cascade construction down which the water from a bygone reservoir tumbles and flows. Emerging from a tunnel which would once have been below a dam wall the river flows through the woodland valley on its route down to join the River Lliw.

The Afon Lliw starts in the same area – the uplands north of Swansea known as The Mawr – and is a part of our locality that I love. I produced video of a project a couple of years ago where local school children followed and researched the Lliw from source to sea – you can see the various video chapters here.

water cascade

Naturally, this wooded valley creates the ideal conditions for moss to grow . . . and it does, thickly, creating blankets for the trees, wall carpets for the cascade and floppy hats for the fence posts! But moss was not the only growth of note and I was pleased to see the beginnings of daffodils pushing through the wet leaves left over from Autumn.

By this stage of my walk the sky had become darker again and the rain was falling so I didn’t hang around longer than necessary to get my photos and sound recording before hurrying on the lake’s waterside. The soundscape and selected images will be posted tomorrow.

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  1. Thank you for this River Lliw series, Alastair. Your photos and descriptions here are rich with life, and I love the cascading “staircase” photo especially. Then I visited the videos, and enjoyed the introduction so much. Really classy production embracing the land and a delightful demonstration of people caring for it through the generations. Congratulations on being part of a meaningful project.

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