City Patterns

Walking around Belfast revealed many fascinating structures in the architecture. The camera can be a very useful tool when it comes to focusing on aspects of buildings that create fascinating patterns when isolated from their surroundings. The patterns are there anyway but it is not always easy to pick them out amongst the complexity of their surroundings. Sometimes, of course, it is a combination of structures seen from a particular angle that does the trick.

Belfast City patterns

City Sounds 2

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  1. Cars driving past is a sound that is overwhelmingly present in my life and it’s easy not to listen to it any more. So it was interesting to pause to listen to your recording and recognise that not all cars sound the same but have distinctive sonic identities if we pay attention to them.

    • Thanks Allysse. Most of the sound we hear from traffic is the tyres on the road. I was wondering yesterday if it might be possible to identify the tyres or the vehicle from this sound – I think I might be stretching my imagination a bit with this idea lol.

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