Colour To Be Found and Hidden Reflections

It may be a wet late Autumn on my walk this week through this Dorset garden but there is still colour (other than greens) to be found as well as some hidden reflections. Red, purple, yellow, white – all natural colours compared to the bright plastics in my previous post.

hidden reflections

I love all the shades and tints of green as well, whether blurred in reflection or crisply in focus, the range is phenomenal. I have heard that we are more attuned, more perceptive of greens than any other colour – whether or not this is true, it is easy to believe.Considering the depths and numerous layers in the natural environment, it must be helpful to be able to perceive the wide range of this colour as it would provide us with a clearer perspective of our surroundings and allow us to judge distance more accurately – such as how close that predator is.

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  1. I enjoyed this post, as always, Alastair. It is a grand mystery of life that there should be so many hundreds of elements of the color green. Wonderful photos.

    • Thanks Jet, much appreciated as always. We all perceive colour slightly differently – I know that one person will describe a colour as having one hue while another will see a different balance, more red or yellow, green or blue. It’s a fascinating area of science and personal interpretation.

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