rust wave

Growth and Abandon

Exploring some details on my walk this week, I found growth and abandon simultaneously in this Dorset garden. Nature will always take over if given the chance and in the broken leg of an old swing, it found an ideal opportunity.

broken swing

RGB or red, green and blue I found in the plastics which never disintegrate however long they are left while the patterns of rusty metal could tell or prompt any number of stories. You could weigh in with a hook left on the side of a blue barrel or your story might include wave forms of rust.

I particularly like the rakish angle of the two abandoned buckets and the rusty chain foregrounding the scallop shells. It may be said by some that I have only looked at the ugly details of the garden, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder and in a garden such as this I would say there is beauty to be found everywhere.

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