Day To Day Walk

My walk this week is another one I take quite frequently – I know it well but there is always something new to look at or listen to. The start of the walk goes through our local park and as can be seen, the rain has finally arrived with the colours of Autumn.

You must not let a little rain put you off walking in this country (or a lot of rain for that matter). Indeed, it is the damp weather we so often seem to have that provides us with so many wonderful mosses and lichens.

Coedbach Park

mossy tree


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    • Thanks Allysse. I guess the green is what Britain is known for – Wales even more so. We are also having a very warm Autumn of course which might explain it.

  1. Thanks – great atmosphere of tranquility. Checking in with your blog is a thoroughly enjoyable pleasure. Regards from Thom at The Immortal Jukebox.

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