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My short walk this week at Blaenige, near Cynwyl Elfed in Carmarthenshire was a mixture of snow, sunshine, wind and a brief spot of rain – in other words, typical for this part of the world. I had to take it carefully down the steep track but on the way I found some great views over the landscape as well as some attractive details in my closer surroundings.

Track and Gate

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  1. Like the variety in the shots you’ve included, when it must have been tempting to go for pure white blankets (assuming there were any).

    Struck by the placename too, a link with Yorkshire which before being overrun by Angles and Danes was anciently Elmet (Elfed in Welsh).

    • Thanks. There were thin white blankets around but not so much where I was walking and it is a sense of the walk I want to provide. Very very interesting to hear about the Yorkshire connection. Do you know where the name Elfed comes from or its meaning?

      • I don’t, but I suppose I ought to find out. There’s a Dark Age monument in North Wales — can’t place it at the moment — which describes the person commemorated as ‘Elmetiacus’ or some such, “a citizen of Elmet,” so I guess this South Walian placename example may commemorate a family of British incomers. I shall have to research it now!

          • This should explain all:
            It’s later explained that “Elmet appears to have had ties with Wales; an early Christian inscription found in Gwynedd reads “ALIOTVS ELMETIACOS HIC IACET”, or “Aliotus the Elmetian lies here”. A cantref … of Dyfed was also named Elfed, the Welsh equivalent of Elmet. A number of ancestors of Ceretic are recorded in Welsh sources: one of Taliesin’s poems is for his father Gwallog ap Llaennog, who may have ruled Elmet near the end of the 6th century.”

            So there you have it: the Yorkshire Elmet is earlier than Elfed!

  2. What a lovely walk. I feel quite blessed when I’m out and get to see both greenery and snow. There’s just something about it!

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