Double Walled Garden and Beyond

Walking through the double walled garden at the National Botanic Garden of Wales I focused not on the walls but on one or two of the other features. My choices were largely influenced by the light and two of these were the simple and beautiful design of the seat in front of bamboos and the thistle seed heads.

My choice for the first image in this post is however not in the double walled garden but just outside it.

Birch Tree Perspective

The perspective of birch trees is half of an avenue that leads from the walled garden to a concourse partly enclosed by the apothecary building and Theatr Botanica which had a dragon like shadow across it from the awning over the entrance.

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    • Sounds good to me. I love the design of the seats. They have a clear but subtle sense of relationship to the plants around them – leaf like.

  1. I find birch trees one of the most lovely trees we have on earth — so I thoroughly enjoyed your photos here, Alastair, and this elegant garden visit.

    • We are of like mind Jet though I have to say I think I love all trees. The silver birch has a delicacy about it that is very attractive. Thanks.

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