Exercising the Body and Mind

Which do you prefer – cycling, walking, jogging, running? Walking would be my preference  if I want to focus on my surroundings and observe the sights and sounds around me. However, for this very reason, I may not get as much exercise as I tend to start and stop a lot in order to look and listen, photograph or record. Then again, I am sure the benefit I gain from enjoying the observation makes up for it, mentally at least!

Cycle Path

Cycle Path

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    • Thanks for visiting and liking 🙂 Whatever the outcome of a walk, I think it always means progression in one way or another. A tangled mind may be able to see more options where before it couldn’t – I think, at these times, what is required for me is another walk. There have certainly been times when I have taken one walk after another and so on! Maybe it would be to think more about something or indeed to not think about anything other than the immediate environment. Walking, especially in a natural environment, is so beneficial.

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