crow in flight

Fauna Findings 1 in Scotland – Birds on the Shore

Like this solitary crow, I enjoy my solitary walks, but this is far from the only species of fauna I found when in Scotland last month. I approached it quietly to try and get a closer shot but was spotted, naturally, and it it took to the air, flying across the bay to meet its partner.

I've been spotted

There is a quiet bay, an old disused harbour, along the shore from us where the gulls and oystercatchers – and on this occasion, swans – gather and sit quietly on the water or by its edge and possibly discuss what their next meal will be. In all likelihood, for the gulls at least, this will be crab. There were many, many of these small crabs coming in with the tide and if they weren’t picked off by the gulls, they would tickle your toes before burying themselves in the sand.

This was one of many peaceful, calm, hot days in South West Scotland this year.

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