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Floral Findings 2 – Golden Yellow at Cally

A visit to Cally Gardens near Gatehouse of Fleet is always a must for us when in Scotland. We were concerned for it last year after the owner, Michael Wickenden, died whilst flower hunting in Myanmar, but the place has been taken over by a like minded person who knew Michael and is developing the place in keeping with his philosophy.

Cally Gardens

It is probably the golden yellow flower that is most striking in these photos but I particularly like the fall of light and shade in the image above as well.

I cannot name the few plants I have picked out below but they are certainly different to the wildflowers of Britain presented in my previous post. For me, I do not need to know the names of plants or trees or birds to enjoy their appearance and sounds. My curiosity will sometimes make me enquire or look them up, but it doesn’t take long to forget the information, thus requiring the research to be done almost every time.

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  1. Enjoyed your collection of flowers and beauty at the Cally Gardens, Alastair, thanks for taking us along. I, too, really like the light and shade in that first image, wonderful highlighting of this exotic beauty.

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