Forest February – Reviewing the Walk

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  1. Lovely video 🙂
    It’s great to hear the birds in this video. Life is coming back.

    One thing I’ve noticed in the video is that I appreciated the still shots more than the moving ones. I found it more relaxing to observe a still frame with a leave, a branch, or some grass gently moving. The movement made me feel almost dizzy at times as I wasn’t sure where to focus my attention anymore.

    • Thanks Allysse – you’re quite right, even slow panning isn’t a good idea although it works much better if using 60 fps. As I said, this was very much a spur of the moment thing. Glad you enjoyed it all the same.

    • I’ve looked at it again now Allysse and I think I got the speed of panning right but perhaps I overused it a bit – never mind, it’s a lovely wood anyway and I really enjoy walking there 🙂

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