Forest February – Reviewing the Walk

On the spur of the moment while on my walk this week I decided to do a little video on my iPhone of the forest in February. Keeping the phone as steady as I could I captured the beginning of the video at the end of the walk. Not unusual in the filming world but in my case it was only because, having started getting clips part way through the walk, I then proceeded to take more and more and in doing so also captured my soundscape for this week.

I enjoyed the walk and hope you do to – have a good weekend and maybe go for a walk.

Forest February from Alastair Duncan on Vimeo.

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  1. Lovely video ūüôā
    It’s great to hear the birds in this video. Life is coming back.

    One thing I’ve noticed in the video is that I appreciated the still shots more than the moving ones. I found it more relaxing to observe a still frame with a leave, a branch, or some grass gently moving. The movement made me feel almost dizzy at times as I wasn’t sure where to focus my attention anymore.

    • Thanks Allysse – you’re quite right, even slow panning isn’t a good idea although it works much better if using 60 fps. As I said, this was very much a spur of the moment thing. Glad you enjoyed it all the same.

    • I’ve looked at it again now Allysse and I think I got the speed of panning right but perhaps I overused it a bit – never mind, it’s a lovely wood anyway and I really enjoy walking there ūüôā

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