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Garden in the Museum in the Park

It may be that the title of this post sounds a little odd, but the Museum in the Park is the name of the museum and it has a beautiful new garden at the back of the building. The park is Stratford Park in Stroud and my walk this week took me around it after viewing  a Anne Jackson‘s exhibition of knotted tapestry in the museum gallery.


I entered the garden by the entrance beside the orangery (see previous post) and enjoyed every visual, aural and tactile moment in the place. I can’t include a sense of smell in this experience because I don’t have a clear memory of that sensation. Perhaps, as it is Autumn, and many of the plants were at their end of year cycle, this would have been less noticeable. But there was still strong colour in places and the patterns and textures of the various dry seed heads were a real feast for my eyes.

My enjoyment of the sounds of the garden was increased by the work being carried out by a solitary gardener with her hoe. I have included a short sound clip of this below but the full soundscape for this week’s walk will be be posted as usual tomorrow.

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  1. What a delightful celebration of the senses this post is, Alastair. I love seeing the dead flowers and seed pods, and end-of-season garden punctuated with the bright red and silver plants, these are wonderful photos. And the sound of the gardener hoeing, with laughter and children in the background, was equally as vibrant and life-affirming. Your perspective of life is always a joy.

    • Thanks Jet. Always a pleasure – it was a lovely place but I think my approach to it was made even more positive after seeing my friend’s wonderful exhibition in the museum.

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