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A Red Red Rose – Reviewing the Walk

I selected a very beautiful deep red rose as my featured image for this post but if you first see the post in an email, you will have to click through to see the image which comes at the end of the selected images for my review of the walk.

Museum in the Park

The rose itself I found in the orangery which was being restored at the back of the Museum in the Park in Stratford Park, Stroud. I was visiting the museum to see the exhibition of knotted tapestries by Anne Jackson but I also planned to take a walk round the park. I could see in advance on Google Maps that it was worth taking a closer look, but Google cannot give the real experience or any real sense of what to expect.

With my fingers crossed for good weather I was looking forward to using my Canon DSLR cameras after several weeks of posting here with iPhone photos. Don’t get me wrong, the iPhone is great but it does not give me the pleasure I get from doing photography with a camera dedicated pure to the one task . . . there, that’s a nice way to put it I think 😉

And then there are the sounds – the Autumn leaves, birds, ducks and swans (dogs too of course), water displays and the gentle sound of someone gardening with a hoe – all creating a wonderful aural environment that lifted me above the backdrop of traffic and machinery. It was a good day and a pleasure to look back and edit the images and sounds for this past week. I hope you have enjoyed the experience as much as I have. Thanks for visiting and especially to those who read and listen as well.

Stratford Park Soundscape

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  1. Lovely photos but my favorite is the first with the bench among the trees…. I can imagine sitting there forgetting about all my worldly cares!

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