Happy New Year – Reviewing the Forest Walks

Looking forward to 2017 and back at my walks in the forest from July to December in 2016, I have selected from my posts over the last week photos representing walks I have taken in each of the last 6 month of the year. The soundscape is from September and is the full length version of the clip I posted for September last Wednesday. The ambience of the place is unique – the atmospheric conditions were such that there is almost an echo of my footsteps as I walk between the trees. It is still, the birds are singing and there is occasional traffic on the road below or in the distance.

As I am using a soundscape from September, here is a sunrise from that same month, looking across the valley before I enter the forest.

September Sunrise

I decided to post the full soundscape (9 minutes) because I love it and feel that some of the less desirable sounds of traffic (particularly at the start) help to put the rest of the scene in context. But if you prefer to listen to the shorter 5 minute version, look below the image collection. I hope you can enjoy it as much as I do. Happy New Year!

September Forest Walk Soundscape (Full version)


September Forest Walk Soundscape (5 minute version)





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