Nature on the Banks of an Inland Marina

I was slightly surprised on my walk this week in Northampton to find a marina – Northampton is land locked and not far off the centre of England. However, this inland marina was not for sailing and motor boats, it was for canal boats and there were plenty of them.

River Nene lock gate

The photo above shows one of the locks on the River Nene. I thought the sepia treatment of the image added some character to what was otherwise a fairly ordinary feature. What I really enjoyed about these water ways was sitting on the bank, looking at the patterns of last year’s nature against the man made and listening to the birds.

If I were to return to this place in a month or so, I guess those tangled forms of old waterside and fence draped weeds (not a word I like to use) would have renewed themselves and turned green, though in the case of the bull rush that would be dark brown.

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