weeping willows

River Nene Reflections

The last part of my walk this week is looking at the River Nene as it flows past Beckets Park in Northampton. Swans, Canada Geese and Mallards were the order of the day.

swan and reflection

Reflections were also an expected theme of the day – not only in the river and marina water, but also looking back at the trip at the end of the day. The time spent seeing Hannah’s (Hannah Duncan Creations) jewellery on display as part of the Enamel Today exhibition at 78 Derngate as well as a picnic and walk in the park made it the long return journey feel worthwhile and we all enjoyed the day.

And of course I not only have the photographs from this weeks posts as a reminder, but an audio memory in the form of the soundscape below.

Northampton Walk Soundscape

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  1. I so enjoyed this walk, the reflections, the River Nene, and the soundscape, Alastair. I love to get the photos set up in front of me, and then let the sounds enfold me. I have trained my ears for many years now to recognize all the birds in my area, and it’s a curious thing to hear what are foreign-to-me songbird melodies. These bird songs were so sweet and hopeful. And I caught a bit of the Canada geese in the background, great fun. Beautiful photos, too, I especially like the weeping willows. Thank you for this marvelous and serene visit.

    • Thanks Jet. I should be much better at recognising birds from their songs than I am. Each time I have walked with an expert in the field I am amazed at their ability. I learn a lot but a week later I get all confused again. It takes a lifetime of listening I think. Well done to you

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