Intention and Interpretation

I didn’t have to pick out these photos from the shoot I did on that dreary day in Mumbles – for that matter, I didn’t have to take the photos in the first place. The images were processed and uploaded a week ago and now that I come to write this post, I wonder what my reasoning may have been. What was my intention and what might be my, or your interpretation of them?

I find I am reading things into them now that may have been sub-conscious at the time of production or even post production – but that time to reflect is very valuable. All of the work I have produced as an artist over the years was made over greater or lesser amounts of time, naturally, but just as the meaning of a piece of art can be different for each individual, so it can also change for the artist.

Some of my other art work can be seen here.

Mumbles Lighthouse

Mumbles Lighthouse

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    • Thanks. I am finding, looking at it again today, that my thoughts about my interpretation are in flux. Is the photo an interpretation of the landscape or is the presentation of the landscape in this way an interpretation of other things, perhaps more personal?

      • Perhaps the latter. I find my mood definitely changes my perception of scenes that I shoot. Introspection brings details and close-ups, joyfulness brings wide open landscapes and color. Interesting to ponder.

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