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Along the thematic timeline of my work with metal (see previous posts this week), “Conflict”, at this stage, is still playing its part in my move towards StillWalks. The Story of StillWalks refers to this and the first pieces I produced using still photography and sound were about presenting my internal conflict issues.

Through my interactive digital media work on school and community projects, my interest in sound and sound recording grew. Like all means of communication, literacy in the form used – speech (language), sight (visual), sound (aural) – comes with experience (and teaching).

I have been sound recording for some time now. My project work required mainly voice recording but with StillWalks the focus is on field recording. Over the past few years I have developed my aural literacy in this area and found that there is so much more to hear out there if you only learn to listen.

I guess my interest in the sounds made by metal stems from my work over the years actually handling the stuff!

The images below are available for sale – anyone interested should contact me.



Click below to hear a sound clip from one of my first video walks which incorporates field recording from a forest and . . . other sounds! This is a very early piece of work and it and others can be seen here.


Over the Edge

“Over the Edge”

The image above uses a screen shot of the spectral display (manipulated) from an audio file of flowing water.

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    • Hmm! I haven’t figured a way round that one yet though watching the signer for the deaf “singing” at the 2012 Paralympics was fascinating.

  1. I bet it was. That’s one thing I don’t know about being deaf…signing. You never want to see someone that is deaf with Turret’s syndrome signing. LOL

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