Keeping Things in Perspective

Keeping things in perspective seems to me to be so important. In order to do this I often have to adjust the angle at which I look at things and take into account the current circumstances. Standing back and being more objective can often help but this is not always easy to do.

My main strategy for doing this is walking – and that, of course, is where StillWalks came from and, I hope, may be able to take others as well. With this is mind, I have decided to feature my StillWalks “Welcome” video this week.

Swansea Bay Sea Wall

Swansea BayPhotos taken and adjusted on my iPhone 5c. Check out StillWalks on Instagram for more of my iPhonography.

This week’s featured StillWalks video is the introductory welcome video to the StillWalks website. On this you will meet me and see just a little of what goes into making a StillWalks video.

You can use the Donate button below to help StillWalks. Pay how much you want and receive a high quality download of this week’s featured StillWalks video. DVD Collections are available to order in the StillWalks Shop.

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  1. “Standing back and being more objective can often help but this is not always easy to do.” True, and ex-Shutterbug to Shutterbug, I would add my take, which I believe supports your statement.

    I quickly learned that if I were able to capture on film the image exactly as it was seen through my eyes then the end result was visually pleasing. At times, this was difficult to achieve and more trial and error (adjusting lens/shutter/lighting, etc.) followed until arriving at my goal. “…not always easy to do.” Achievement sometimes requires hard work, the benefits are witnessed in the end. 🙂

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