Spotted Being Sheepish

I was sitting quietly on my collapsible stool in amongst the bracken with the tripod and camera set up in from of me. Having mooched around the spot a bit, I had noticed that the camera nestling in the surrounding vegetation was not easily spotted.

This arrangement was not in order to hide from the sheep but simply for my own comfort in my endeavours to get some good shots of the landscape I have been posting about the last couple of weeks.

Waiting for the sun to rise and come round in the hope that the light would be good for the shots I wanted proved frustrating as the conditions never developed in the way I was hoping for. However, I won’t be sheepish about going up again any number of times – oh dear, sorry about that 😉

sheep on Graig Fawr

Two sheep on Graig Fawr

This week’s featured StillWalks video shows another representation of the woods in the previous featured video – the woods at Fforest in a snowy Winter.

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