Looking Over Corris – Reviewing the Walk

Back to my car again and looking over Corris where I have been walking this week, I was hopeful that the rain that was still falling at 5.30 AM had finished for the day and that I would be able to climb the mountain for my StillWalks production walk.

As it happens, it did not rain again but the route I ended up taking up the mountain was not my original planned path and was fairly arduous. On top of that (or the mountain), the mist came down and so the video I produce from it will be a “Misty Mountain Walk”.

Overlooking Corris

Overlooking Corris

Sorry again that there is no soundscape this week. I hope you can still enjoy the images below without it.

If viewing this in an email, please click the post title to see other photos in this post, thank you.

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    • Thanks very much. Funnily enough I didn’t have any actual footsteps this week as I had no soundscape for this walk. The sound of my footsteps in the soundscape for my StillWalks videos are an important part of them and I try to include these when field recording because I find they help to put the listener/viewer in the place of the walk. Glad you enjoy them

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