Looking West and Reviewing the Week 57

I am not often walking on Swansea Bay when the tide is in – for some reason it seems to be out far more often. This must be coincidence but it means that when I am there when the tide is high, it feels new and fresh, a bit like the way snow changes the landscape.

The tide was not particularly high on this occasion but it was still lapping at the foot of the promenade steps and this, for me, is an almost iconic sound of the place. So click the play button below for an aural backdrop to the images posted about my walk this week. Click the first thumbnail image to view them in sequence.

Swansea Bay and Meridian Tower

Waves on Promenade Steps

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  1. A very impressive sequence, Alastair, so many evocative shots, some lyrical, others almost Dickensian, all enhanced by that particular clarity that can come with damp conditions and emphasising the contrast of the steel blues, greys and charcoals with the wet sand.

  2. The steps with the bottles made me think of the Thames strand in London, as for some reason the shot of the rippled wavelets with the ribbed sand.

    • Images tell a different story according to the viewer. That’s why people buy a work of art, cos they identify with it. The fact that their interpretation may have nothing to do with what the artist was on about is irrelevant.

      • Absolutely: identification, resonances, childhood memories all come into the mix: making a connection, beginning a dialogue, that’s largely what displaying an image publicly is about — or we wouldn’t do it.

  3. I enjoyed these images and the accompanying soundtrack. Very well done. Some of your images appear to have real potential to be striking monochrome images. Just a thought.

    • Thanks Merlin. I occasionally convert to monochrome but tend to be very selective in doing so. Sometimes I post them to Leanne Cole’s Photography blog for her Monochrome Madness posts.

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