Memory – Colour, Texture and Sound in an August Forest

On my forest walks in August I mostly used my iPhone for my photography and sound recording. It seems I was focusing on colour and texture on those occasions, but not only in what I could see but also in what was to be heard – not that I had any particular influence over that, other than to be there.

Forest footpath in August

I said “it seems” that my focus was on colour and texture but I am only guessing that from my photos and sound clips rather than a clear memory of my thoughts at the time. I can remember taking the photos and I am very familiar with the sounds of the forest – from the sound clips I can easily imagine myself there and what the conditions were, and this I think is testament to the fact that sound can be a powerful trigger for the memory.

August Forest Birds 1

August Forest Birds 2


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    • Thanks very much Amy. Some people aren’t sure about the sound of footsteps but for most people it seems to be the thing that puts them there more than anything else. Glad you liked it

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