Miniature Mountains – A Confusion of Scale and Having Fun With Photos

If the walkers on Rhosilli beach (see Thursday’s post) gave a true sense of the scale of the space the beach and cliffs occupy, then these photos of the remnants of a sand castle could be said to confuse scale completely.

The way the sand had slipped and created miniature cliffs and mountains fascinated me. I thought there may be an even greater sense of a larger landscape if I converted to monochrome . . . and then I wondered if over exposure and increased contrast might create the conditions for a “white out” on the “mountainside”.

sand cliffs

sand cliffs

sand mountain

monochrome sand mountain

sand mountain!

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  1. Great photos, I’m really enjoying this week of photos by the beach 🙂
    I love how the mound do compare to moutains, especially the over exposed one. It reminds of some of the drawings in one of my old Wainwright walking guide.

    • Thank you. It felt weird going from the scale of the real cliffs and beach to the apparent or imagined scale of these “mountains” in sand. Glad you liked them.

      • Thanks for the suggestions 🙂
        I’ve read a few articles by Robert MacFarlane but never his books yet. I keep meaning to get to them but somehow never have yet. I’m definitely moving them up my reading list.
        I’ve heard of Nan Shepherd before, I’ll be sure to check her out this week 🙂

        Any of their books you’ll particularly recommend?

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