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My Walk this Week 126 – Step Up To the Lake

I step up from one lake to another in this second stage of my walk this week  – and there is a third lake in Gnoll Park, plus a reservoir! This lake is the largest and features a wonderful cascade which, even when it is not flowing with water, makes an attractive feature.

stepping up

We are at the start of Autumn now and the colours are beginning to change. There are only hints of the season to be seen in my photos but they are there all the same, plus the temperature has dropped.

I restricted my walk to this larger lake because I know that the trees of the woodland above have been felled for timber and though I understand that the trees were planted for this purpose, I really dislike the devastation that is left in place after felling and feel the loss of any tree. At least I can watch my StillWalks® video “Moss Wood Walk” which shows me what it used to look and sound like.


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