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My Walk this Week 126 – Woodland Wonders

The wonders of the woodland, the lakes, the colours and the soundscape . . . and the textures and the bird life and the patterns and the fact that the rain held off for me on my walk this week around Gnoll Estate Country Park in Neath, South Wales – these are some of the things that I enjoyed about this walk.

Early Autumn colour

One thing I did not remember from previous visits (going back a few years) was the oak tree with a huge hole through its trunk. Clearly the park authorities felt it was a wonder worth preserving and have reinforced the natural structure with metal rods.

This being a circular walk, I have included two images very similar to two I started out with in the first post for this walk, namely the gates (looking out this time) and the steps descending.

I did some field recording on this walk and so below have included a soundscape for it which includes elements from the full walk, not just this last section. So please click on the first photo below and look at the images in sequence and perhaps close your eyes to listen to the soundscape and imagine you are there.

Gnoll Park Soundscape

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    • Thank you. I’m pleased you enjoyed it. I have often wondered what it would be like to visit one of those (admittedly amazing) landscapes without trees – strange I am sure.

  1. I so enjoyed this, Alastair, thank you. It’s a very curious sensation to listen to the soundscape without being present, I really like it because it exaggerates the audio element when we don’t have the back-up visual. Joggers running by (I’m guessing), very strong woodland stream, what I think must have been crows, various songbirds, crunching gravel. Thanks so much for this full woodland experience — a true pleasure.

    • Thank you Jet. Who was it said “they prefer radio to TV because the pictures are better”? My StillWalks® videos use the related images as well of course but there is a lot more time spent on production and post production for those.

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