South Wales morning landscape

My Walk this Week 127 – Autumn Morning

My walk this week is on a beautiful Autumn morning in a place well known to me but always new as well. The fact that I have seen the scenes and details of this Welsh valley and woodland many times make them no less enjoyable.

woodland detail

There are changes of course since I was last here – strong winds have brought down more trees and branches but the ground underfoot, in spite of the return of notable rainfall, is still dry and firm.

I love to see the little heads of peristomes standing up from a moss covered broken branch and the textures of decaying wood as it returns to the undergrowth that sustains the forest. The hurdles in my path are not an obstacle to my progress up the hill but allow me to see (and photograph) my surroundings with a different focus.

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  1. Nice to see Wales in a soft light. I’ve often been rained on there. Many thanks for your visit. I’ll link up when I publish my next walk. Not sure when that will be just yet. Enjoying the uncertainty. 🙂 🙂

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