Estuary sunset

My Walk this Week 132 – Estuary Sundown and Soundscape

My walk this week at sundown in Llanelli Bay on the Loughor Estuary allowed me to look out across the mudflats and listen to the gentle ambience of the place as well as enjoy the colours and reflections of the golden sunlight.

mud flat reflections

Like the background sound of a light aircraft on my walk last week in Swansea Bay, there was the almost constant sound of vehicles on the mud and sand doing an unknown but seemingly specific task. However, it did not spoil the soundscape and the calls of various birds mingled with those of children and excited dogs floated across the vast space and emphasised the tranquility of the conditions at that time on that day.

As I left the scene I took one last shot and realised that there were many more people arriving on the shore, presumably to watch the last rays of the sun across the estuary. This must be a well known and much loved aspect of this part of South Wales. Whether it be a beautiful sunset or a howling gale, the view and experience of the weather here must be something to behold.

Sundown Soundscape

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    • Thank you – if I were to have gone there today it would have been somewhat different. The weather is awful at the moment – that’s life I guess ūüėČ

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