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My Walk this Week 131 – Wear and Tear – The Missing Post

Wear and tear is all around us all the time and at the turning point of my walk this week along the beach in Swansea Bay, the high, rusty sea wall that creates the harbour entrance is one of my favourite pieces of evidence of this.

This is the missing post from last week, the third of the posts for My Walk this Week 131 – I don’t know what happened but have just seen that the schedule time was missed!

rust spot

And the sea is one of the most powerful elements of erosion, wear and tear on the edges of landscape and it is so persistent and rhythmical in its insistence. Even on calm, bright days like this, the evidence of its nature is all around me in the patterns in the sand, the detritus on the beach, and the crusty rust on the pillars and bolts of the sea wall.

An ever present part of that rhythm is the audible breath of the ocean as its waves crash on the shore throughout its ebb and flow. Whatever other sounds there may be in this environment, most of them are drowned out by those waves – but not quite all. The soundscape below starts with a light aircraft and though it fades to the background, it is never entirely lost to the waves.

Waveform Soundscape

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