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My Walk this Week 132 – Evening Arrangements

Arrangements or compositions? A bit of both I guess – a joint effort you might say. The environmental conditions made the arrangements and I composed the images.

arrangement of stones

The compositions are intended to relate the story and experience of my walk but the environmental conditions were coincidental to that – the time of day, the tide being so far out, the lowering evening sun, positions of clouds, and the warm hues on what was, in reality, quite a cold day.

I was using my 70 – 300 mm zoom lens and the cropping ability of this, at whichever extent of zoom, is a help with composition in such an expansive, open landscape. It works like a mask does for artists, film makers etc., and to my mind this is the purpose of a zoom lens – it is not about the ability to get closer so much as the facility to compose.

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  1. An arrangement of stones, not the seals I first took them for…

    I like that idea of zoom lens aiding framing, which makes instinctive sense to me.

  2. What a lovely walk you had today, Alastair, thanks for taking us along. There is always something different on the seaside, with the ever-present influence of the tide, the light. I really like the calmness you share with us here, and the beauty of everything from tall grass to mud flats. That final photo is remarkable, with the golden light, expressive sky, and intrepid lighthouse.

    • Thanks Jet, you’re most welcome. It is a wonderful place and of course there will be a bit more of it to see and hear in my Friday post. I’m thinking of cutting posts down to o e a week like yourself.

      • One post a week works for me because I like spending precious time at other posts, too. And we need our time to wander the world so that we have great things to share, like your walks. 😉 See you on Friday, Alastair….

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